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Hunter’s are known for their “tall tales” of the ones that got away, so here’s proof of the ones that didn’t.
The Sabinal Gang or most of them
 Trey, Henry, Scott, Gary, Ray & Ed in Africa
Ray, Scout & her first Buck
Ray, Ed & the Dugga Boy
Me taking the “easy” way down
Ray & Barbado Ram
Ray, Ed & Kudu
Hunting Buddy Nick
South Dakotsa’s Hunt
October 04
Hunting in North America
Fathers & Sons Safari
July 06
First Bucks
December 06
First Bucks Revisited
Jan 2008
African PH hunts South Texas
Youth Hunt in Sabinal
Jan 2008
North Texas Goose Hunt
Grandpappys, Son & Grandkids Fishing Trip
Aug 2008
Youth Hunt in Sabinal
Jan 2009
Rancho Caracol & the Mexican Bandit
My Life with Dogs